From the Hotel...

On Monday, a cruise ship anchored right off shore from the Hotel. After deploying the landing craft, they mounted a frontal attack on the beach vendors. The beach vendors were victorious by virtue of superior numbers

You're probably asking yourself, what's up with the arm band? Was she in the hospital? Nah, that's the way they can tell you're an "all inclusive" guest and that you get your food for nothin' and your drinks for free.

On Wednesday night, the hotel held a "Mexican Night" with a pretty good buffet, a mariachi band, and a dance troop that really tore it up!

Okay, here's the story with this. After the dancers were done, they asked for some female volunteers. Four or Five young women came up on stage, said their names and where they were from. Then, to receive an awesome prize, they had to hold a lime between their knees, walk like a chicken [clucking] and drop the lime in a glass.

Not wanting the guys to miss out on a prize, they called for guy volunteers. Enough young guys didn't volunteer, so they shanghai'd the oldest guy they could find.

Our job was to pretend to be wasted drunk, coming home late, enter the house and demand that Maria give us tequila. I had to climb though an imaginary window. The shot I got was real (bad) tequila. My act wasn't convincing enough and they gave it to a young guy.

Senior Lobster...
First off, I have no idea what was up with the lobster suit. The entry here leads to two rooms;425 & 426 (ours). 425 had maybe four 20 something guys living in it. I feel comfortable referring to these guys as ass holes. Anyway, this merry band (as best as we can figure) would go cruise the bars, find drunk tourist chicks and bring them back to their room.

This happened every night between 10 and midnight. Their return would be heralded by room service calls, girls screaming (perhaps lobster attack...), and chants of "shot shot shot..." and "bong hit bong hit bong hit".

Cabo Things...

The ever vigilant beach merchants!! We had to run this gauntlet daily

The quest for Cabo Wabo

From inside the ladies room...

We stopped in a bar by the marina for a couple of beers. A band walked in and serenaded Cindy with "Brown Eyed Girl". She beamed from ear to ear.

Big Fake Fish at the Marina

Big Real Fish at the Marina

Most everywhere you go for beer in Cabo, you have a choice of Corona, Pacifico, Dos Equis and Tecate. We chatted with some ladies at the pool who told us of the Baja Brewing Co located on the top of a condo building over by the Office. FINALLY! REAL BEER!

The Office...

Our Dinner. Perfect!


We had a really cool maid, Erica, who left us little surprises every day, like folding hand towels into origami, and play games with little stones.

A big beer at the airport!